About Us

We are highly experienced software specialists. We retain our philosophy that where practical software should fit the business, not the other way around, and we can if required fully customise any of the template package to meet your precise requirements.

Why are we different? Our emphasis is nowadays on the small and medium sized businesses, our background in bespoke software means we are service-orientated rather than product-orientated, and with our customisation service we offer long-term software flexibility. Our prices are low due to a low cost base, there is a very affordable rental option, with a simple termination if required. We want to sell you a solution, not a box.

We aim to deliver software that will fit, integrate, and enhance.

We do this either by providing one of our Template Packages as a complete solution, or by customising a Template, or by writing a fully bespoke system. 


We are a Microsoft Partner and registered Sage Developer, and can integrate our bespoke systems with Sage Accounts, Word, Excel and Outlook.

We tend to focus now on job-based systems, such as job costing and job management, but we have also covered many other areas, such as contact management, sales Invoicing, management reports, delivery control and stock control. 

We are software specialists, with particular focus onbespoke database systems. Our primary software platforms are Microsoft ACCESS, VB and SQL Server. 

Your next step

If you suspect that your computers are not being used to their full potential, why not give us a call to discuss possible options? We may be able to radically simplify key parts of your business.