Amber-EMS: Email Management System


  • files emails
  • stores attachments
  • builds an email history
  • easy access for each member of
    the team

How much time do you waste searching for emails? Do you get frustrated when you can’t find an email about a particular job, or from a certain client? Do email attachments often get lost or misplaced?

The Amber-EMS (email management system) makes things simple. It’s easy to use, saves time and increases efficiency.

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Industry Information

Any small- to medium-sized company which needs to track email messages and attachments. This is most useful to firms which have projects spanning several weeks ot months, and which require much project management. The capability to file-to-job can be particularly beneficial to professional firms, such as Consulting Engineers and Surveyors.


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"Efficient email filing has made such an impact on our business. As a professional firm of consulting engineers, we need to track both email communications and emailed documents. Amber-EMS has enabled us to achieve this simply and efficiently ."  Jim Allen MD, E & M West Ltd
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