Amber-JMS: Job Management System


  • Quotes
  • Sales orders and purchase orders
  • Work orders and job cards
  • Delivery notes
  • Sales invoicing
  • Job profitability reporting
  • Sage 50 link

Amber-JMS lets you track and manage orders, from original Quote, to raising the sales order and job card, to purchasing, to delivery notes, and finally to sales invoicing. It also enables you to see actual job profit and staff productivity – quickly and easily. It joins up invoicing and job costs so that you can really understand the financial performance of your jobs. Corrective action can be taken, and lessons learnt on costing and pricing.

If you want to generate more profit and identify cost saving opportunities, Amber-JMS will be invaluable.

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Industry Information

Our Job Management Systems are designed for the small to medium-sized precision engineering firm, manufacturing custom parts and products. 


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"Ambersoft have provided us with a job management system which meets our requirements." Ian Harrison MD, HPE Ltd
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