Package Solutions

Our packages can be implemented as a straightforward off-the-shelf solution, or as a platform for customisation by us to meet your particular needs. These packages are can integrate with your existing software, such as Sage Accounts, Word, Excel and Outlook. They are desktop-based using the Microsoft Windows platform, and are therefore fast and user-friendly. They are ideal where they will be used mainly within the office, but remote options are also available.

Amber off-the-shelf packages

Job Costing

This is a timesheet and billing system for professional firms. Particularly suitable for consulting engineers, suveryors, or architects. It simplifies timesheet recording and billing, and provides information on job profitability and staff productivity.  A web-based timesheet add-on is available, for laptops, tablets and phones

Amber-EMS Email Management System

This allows staff to file emails to contact or job folders. Suitable for companies which need to track emails and attachments for each client contact or project over a period of time.        

Amber-JMS Job Management System

This is a job card system. It covers quotes, orders, job cards, delivery notes, and sales invoices. Suitable for small engineering manufacturers making custom parts or products.


Set Up, Training and Review

We recognise the importance of a smooth transition from one system to another, and of making sure that the full potential of the software is understood and exploited to the full. As well as offering 6 or 12 monthly reviews, we also offer initial set up and training services.